Alfa Romeo Spider FAQ                

4 Series of Spiders      

By Scott Johnson     

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Table of Contents
Development and History
Introduction and Initial Development
Series 1
Spider Junior
Series 2
Series 2a
Series 3
Series 4
The Alfa Spider and FIAT’s Takeover
Final Comments
Things to look for when buying a Spider
Value and Your Alfa Spider
Modifying your Alfa Spider
Day to day in an Alfa Spider
The Care and Feeding of your Convertible Top
Maintaining your Alfa
Insuring your Alfa Spider
Driving Your Alfa Spider
Spider Trivia and Other Questions
Final Words
Appendix A: Factory Recommended Maintenance Intervals
Appendix B: Capacities and Recommended Consumables

Note: This document is not sponsored or endorsed by Alfa Romeo or its parent company FIAT in any way.

By Scott Johnson - Copyright 1996 - Third Edition, Released August 2001 - All Rights Reserved.

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