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Appendix B: Capacities and Recommended Consumables



Capacity (U.S / English)

Capacity (Metric)

Cooling system

2.5 gal (includes .5 Gal for catch tank)

Fuel tank

12.2 gal

Fuel tank reserve

1.3-2.1 gal

Engine oil - full

7.1 qts

Engine oil - total in circuit

7.8 qts

Engine oil - danger level

4.75 qts


3.8 pts


3.0 pts

Steering box

0.8 pts




Item Factory Common Recommended
Spark Plugs Lodge 2HL Champion N9Y N/A
Oil 10W/50 10W/40 winter,

20W/50 summer

15W/50 synthetic
Tires 155/80-14 to


185/70-14 195/70-14 or


Gear Oil 85W/90 80W/90 Redline HTL
Top Material Vinyl, Cloth, Canvas Vinyl Cloth
Brake Fluid DOT 3 N/A N/A
Grease on Spline NLGI 1 N/A N/A
Bearing Grease NLGI 2/3 N/A N/A

N/A: Either no clear recommendation can be made, or the factory recommendation is the most commonly used type of the item.
Common: Item that many Spider owners have used with good results. * Post-1983 only.

Capacities and factory recommendations (except tire recommendations) taken from a 1978 Spider Owner’s Manual. Special thanks to Jim Schmukal.

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By Scott Johnson - Copyright 1996 - Third Edition, Released August 2001 - All Rights Reserved.