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Appendix A: Factory Recommended Maintenance Intervals







Check Battery Electrolite levels Check Fan & Alternator Belt Tension Check Front Wheel Toe-in Change Brake and Clutch Fluid (or at one year, whichever comes first) Change Engine Coolant Change Alternator Belt and inspect SPICA Pump Belt (if so equipped)
Check Brake Pad wear Check Valve Timing- Chain Tension   Inspect Spark Plugs and Replace as Necessary Change Gearbox Oil Change Radiator and Heater Hoses
Check Clutch & Brake Reservoir levels Air Cleaner Element Cleaning (replaceable element only)   Inspect Distributor and Check Ignition Timing Check Brake System Change Differential Oil
Change Oil and Replace Oil Filter Replace Under-hood Fuel Filter (SPICA only)   Check Ignition Wires Check Ignition Wiring  
      Check Valve Clearances, Adjust as Necessary    
      Change Fuel Tank Filter (SPICA only)    
      Check Fuel System for Conditioning and Leaks    
      Clean Intake Throats and Check Throttle Plate Alignment (SPICA only)    
      Check Injection Pump Linkage Clearanes (SPICA only)    
      Clean Oil Vapor Separator and Check Crankcase Ventilation System    
      Check Fuel Evaporator System (SPICA only)    
      Road and Driveability Test    
      Check Idle Speed    
      Check Exhaust Emissions    
      Check Engine Coolant Hoses, Replace as Necessary    

Taken from 1974 2000 Owners Manual, with some content added for later models. Special thanks to Dana Loomis.

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By Scott Johnson - Copyright 1996 - Third Edition, Released August 2001 - All Rights Reserved.